All day I ride the lonesome trail.
I sing a song of a cowboy tale.
My thoughts ramble as I ride alone
I dream of the filly I left back home.

I think of women, cards and whiskey
And of the SOB that tried to shoot me.
Life is so hard ya gotta get real tough.
You take all you can then ya gotta git ruff.

I dream of someday owning a big spread.
But at 30 a month, before I get there I'll be dead.
A cowboy has a heart as tuff as iron and steel.
And a cowboy can't reveal the broken heart he feels.

So today I'll write a cowboys epitaph. 
It will be a short draft the words I'll craft.

"Here lies the cowboy once made of steel.
Now he's up in heaven as a wagon wheel."





Walk straight don’t step aside stand tall and live with pride.

Don’t show your weak side keep the cowboy in you alive.

Let’s drive our cattle over the Utah sands onto the great divide

Then through the valleys to the massive Rocky Mountain high. 

If we stop in towns along the way we won’t get drunk and go to jail.

But if perhaps we do the cattle drivin foreman will surly pay our bail.

Sing along while we ride looking back through the winds of time.

Get along little doggie we are wasting time and the weather’s fine.


You got me fenced in little doggie can’t you see, I to want to run free.

I’ll sing Home on theRange to sooth you so you won’t stampeed on me.

Don’t you stray little heifer listen to my song and soon will be where we’re sposed be.

Well little doggies our day has ended, it’s been a good day,

Yippie yi yo kayah 

THE GOLD MINE synopsis


Back in the old western days there was no such thing as credit and debit cards.Notorious bank robbers would have been known as idenity theft bankbards.

Jesse and his brother Frank James could have left their guns home and used the reliable pen.  Notably, what works now would have been so much easier back then. Of course the James boys wouldn’t have reached fame if robbing a mans name was the game.

Today identity theft is the easiest crime to get away with so as you can see, now and then ain’t the same. It was the the good old days when Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc played havoc at the OK Corral.

Tombstone was a wild town where whiskey was plentiful and you might end up shootin your pal. Billy the Kid immortalized American History at a very young age.

Pat Garrett wrote a book about Billy but more fiction then fact was on each page.Yesterdays heros were not really heros they were immortalized by people like me.

I know the stories and glories that are legendary and add color to American History.I love the literature that made our country what it is today.

Even though I just had identity thief in an awful big way.