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Tell Joe he’ll listen while the music is playing.

I’ve been looking for a home on the range,where the cattle call home and the cowgirls roam.

I had a gal in San Atonio that I loved to pieces, but she was a two timing woman with a mind of her own.

Anyway I understand that she is somewhere out on the range, looking for a cowboy to cow tie and brand.

I’d hate to be the cowboy that two timing lady is looking for.

I remember not long ago dancing the last waltz with Melinda.

We were in a little cafe, the music was in harmony with the mood and Melinda and I became lovers.

Oh what a magnificent lover she was.

I loved her dearly but just like quicksilver she sliped through my fingers and left me with a cold broken heart.

I lost a little filly last week it really hurt my feelings.

Her hair was red and her eyes were blue and she said she came straight from Kalamazoo.

Now that was a lady!

What a lady, she broke my heart in so many pieces that it will never be put back together again.

Set em up Joe I’m just getting started.

Fix me a scotch on the rocks and forget the rocks.

Oh hell, make it a double.

The jukebox is playing Joe and I punched all the tear jerkers.

Joe, my teardrops are spotting the bar.

I have heard some sad, sad love songs and they always make me cry.

Why can’t I hang onto a woman Joe?

Is it because I smell like a cow?

God knows I bathe enough.

I’ve already had my bath this month and I had two baths last month.

City folk don’t bathe that much, Do they?

Let me tell you about the lady I met in Arkansas.

Get me an other double will you please Joe?

Oh this gal from Arkansas was some kind of looker.

Good golly, she was as wild as a hungry hog in a blizzard.

Just fill the damn glass to the brim and give me a beer as a chaser.

Tell me Joe, do you think I’m self absorbed, am I over reacting?

God, I’m glad you are here, you’re so easy to talk too.

You’ll never know how much I needed a shoulder to cry on.



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