All day I ride the lonesome trail.
I sing a song of a cowboy tale.
My thoughts ramble as I ride alone
I dream of the filly I left back home.

I think of women, cards and whiskey
And of the SOB that tried to shoot me.
Life is so hard ya gotta get real tough.
You take all you can then ya gotta git ruff.

I dream of someday owning a big spread.
But at 30 a month, before I get there I'll be dead.
A cowboy has a heart as tuff as iron and steel.
And a cowboy can't reveal the broken heart he feels.

So today I'll write a cowboys epitaph. 
It will be a short draft the words I'll craft.

"Here lies the cowboy once made of steel.
Now he's up in heaven as a wagon wheel."

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